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8. JONATHAN S. APPREY (Business executive)






Dr. Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong 


Oil Field Ministries Code 1963 (Act 179) and Ref. No. G12, 319. 

Under Registrar General Department of Ghana.


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 In early 1995 Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong(currently  based  in  Poland Europe with  his  Polish  wife Mrs.Barbara Acheampong) and a class mate( Frederick Boateng  who  is currently  based  in England/UK.) both student of that time who were seriously preparing for their sixth form or Advance level examination and Computer Science respectively in order to enter University and other sectors, were moved by the Holy Spirit to start Youth Community For Jesus.And Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong put an  end to his  Science studies (Thinking of  becoming a Medical Doctor etc.) and became a Student  of  Theology until  he  acquired Doctorate Degree in Ministries/Missions.


A Ministry, which was International and Non-denominational Christian Youth organization aiming at mobilizing the end time Youth to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Christ Jesus etc.

In the area of REPRODUCTIVITY not just an activity (John 15:16,17)

As youths and Board members of a local Assemblies of God Church, Under the leadership of Rev. Daniel Owusu Banahene, District Pastor of

Kwahu Assemblies of God Churches by then.

Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong a Home Missionary in (1994) in a local church of Assemblies of God, Secretary for the youth department and lay-pastor in the mother church. Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong  was transferred to Truth centre Assemblies Of God Church Konongo Ashanti Akim under the leadership of the District Pastor by then, where Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong was a co-coordinator for a year. It was in Ashanti where the born Vision

INTERNATIONAL PRAYER TRAVAILERS which Commenced in 1996 at Mpreaso Kwahu Assemblies of God church was developed to its fullness by the Grace of God.

From 1990 to 1998 as youths, Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong attended many Bible Seminaries and theologicals, such as West Africa Centre for Ministerial Studies in Ashiaman Tema with Certificates, until the year 2001 Dr. Morris Cerullo World Evangelism Based in U.S.A Awarded Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong two certificates; Certificate of Commission as a Master Seageant and certificate of Power of Attorney. Whiles Fopic Theological Seminary a.k.a School of Prophets, gave Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong MERIT CERTIFICATE with a Doctorate Degree, after intensive teachings and Practical manifestations of the gift of the Holy Spirit and great contributions to the work of the Gospel of Christ and unquestionable testimonies on the day of 17th May 2003.To learn more about the initiator Parachurches Youth community for Jesus and International Prayer Travailers contact the headquarters office for brochures.

On 29th May 2003, after series of fasting and prayers on the arrival of the leader (Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong) from abroad, unusual unction and the illumination of the Holy Spirit moves him to commence the ministries of OIL FIELD MINISTRIES, UNTIL 7TH JUNE 2003, Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong and about six committed followers who believed they had received a mandated from God as SENT PEOPLE to raise a model indigenous church called OIL FIELD MINISTRIES, which was initially started in Dr. Debrich living Room in Adoata Kumasi [Ashanti Region Ghana.]

It was registered in Accra Ghana with the registrar General Department under the Republic Of Ghana West Africa. On 21st October 2003 with the Companies Code 1963 (Act 179) and ref. N0. G12, 319. Mrs. Ayeley Guddah Secretary to the registrar General as a witness on that day of registration.


We believe .............................. 

1. That the Holy Scriptures both the old and the New Testaments are the inspired word of God. The only infallible and authoritative word of God, which is the foundation and guide for Christian faith, core value Christians and code conduct. (II Timothy 3:16)

PS. 119:11-105, Acts 1:20-21

2. There is one true God eternally existing in three persons: God the Father, the Son and the

Holy Spirit. (Math 28:19) Luke. 3:22.

3. The deity of Jesus Christ. His Virgin Birth, Sinless life, His miracles, His Vicarious an atoning death, His bodily resurrection, the ascension to the right hand of the father, and His Soon coming to rapture the church which is His bride, and His future personal and bodily return to this earth in Power and glory to rule over the entire world. (Math 1:23, 1Peter 2:22)

4. The universal sinfulness and guilt of fallen man, making him subjected to Gods wrath and


5. The salvation of mankind: Repentance, justification, Regeneration, New birth through faith in the powerful precious blood of Jesus Christ. That is the redemptive work of Christ.

(His death; Burial; resurrected and ascension)

6. The glorious regeneration, indwelling and the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit.

7. Divine healing of the body through faith in the name of Jesus Christ.

8. The millennial reign of Christ and the final judgment of the Lord.

9. The personal return of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ the bodily resurrection of all men the saints to eternal life and the lost to eternal damnation, a separation from God.

10. The New Heavens and New Earth Wherein dwelleth righteousness


The name of the ministry / company as registered with the government and the same shall be used in any part of the world and be called OIL FIELD MINISTRIES herein referred to as O.F.M

All newly planting churches under OFM can add direct names attached to the OFM but the emphasis must be put on oil field ministries, such asOIL FIELD MINISTRIES -Praise chapel / center or Glory chapel SLOGAN: Became of the OIL!! The yoke shall before destroy!!! [Isaiah 10 : 27


From the company / companies code 1963 with section 27 (1). The Government allow the ministries to establish the following visions as directed / pregnanted by the canarrers of the vision. Such as

A. Establishing International (mission) schools like



  3. DEBRICH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL COMPLEX-DISC as Orphanage Home / Centers/Vocational/leadership training skills/ Potential release training/

B. Soul winning which will yield to church / OFM planting

C. To open International Prayer Travailers and youth community for Jesus. To all the vision, aims, objectives ect. Under the above two parachurches or Non denomination ministries are not to be control by OFM, it is independent ministries but all the Directors must be supervise by General Rector/ National / State Rector Regional Rector/ District Rector/ Zonal Rector/ Unite Rector / Local church Rector in OFM, They have the rights to know the affairs of the above ministries and direct them if needed. The directors can put others from other denominations into positions as well.

Every OFM branches prayer ministry and the youth ministry shall bear the above name respectively. They must be part of the non denominational ministries in their areas.

The Directors of the two non-d denominational ministries must not all come from OFM. The first qualification is, one must be born again and be a member of a bible beleiving organization or church which may be orthodox, Evangelical, Pentecostal, charismatic, etc.

Every Rector must known the vision, aim and the objectives of the TRAVAILERS AND YOCOF J of by having copies of their brochures.

D. MESSIONARIES: There must be home and abroad missionaries: 

  1. All the missionaries must be born again with both water and the Holy Spirit.

  2. All missionaries come from OFM or any of the three Non Denominational ministries Prayer Travailers , yocof J and Debrich International Ministers Networking.

  3. The missionaries must have the call or the burden to do That work. Because it takes a lot.

  4. Every chapter of I.P.T. or yocof J or DIMN or branches of OFM must bring at least three mature members when missionary work is needed.maturity here is not age wise but Josiah (2 King 22:1-2) type.

  5. A day shall be set up to raise finance, materials, tools etc but before then, a week long Programme shall be planned by Rectors in each of the three non-denominational with the General Rector and the O.F.M executive General Council will release the dates of celebration. Areas ready for Harvest shall be told, either home or abroad.

  6. All missionaries must have

  7. I.D. cards of the ministries O.F.M. or I.P.T.or yocoF J or DIMN and also Nationality I.D. cards together with traveling pass ports .

  8. O.F.M. church growth/ O.F.M. mission STRATEGIES

Since soul winning is one of the major focus of OFM, all the branches should have strong and equip Evangelism team and missionaries team set up.

Every OFM church leaders is to make sure, he TRAIN and EQUIP the members of the church/ Prayer Travailers/ Yocof-J who have both leadership potentials and calling gifts from God. These members would then do the work of the ministries of O.F.M. either full time or part time.

when Jesus ascended up to heaven ??.. He gave some, Apostles, and some Prophets;and some Evangelist, some,Pastors and Teachers. For training and equipping the Saints, so the members of the church( O.F.M.) would do the work of the ministry and thus build up the body of Christ spiritually and numerically [Eph. 4: 10 12 pph]



DEBRICH INTERNALTIONAL MINISTERS NETWORKING is a global non-denominational Independent Christian organization, which aim or have a purpose divinely for the whole world such as salvation net working, ministerial networking, etc. After years of being in the Ministries of International Prayer Travailers and Youth Community for Jesus as Founding President, Morris Carrillo World Evangelism as Master Sergeant with both certificate of commission and Power of Attorney Bond certificated and partner with Creflo Dollar ministries U.S.A. with certificate and my pastorial Evangelistic work with Assemblies of God Church Ghana under the leadership of Rev. Daniel Owusu Banahene and Finally my missionary work with National Evangelism Commission base in Nigeria has given me experience in Networking ministries and those in Asia Hong kong, China, Central Europe Poland, after visiting Italy during the Apostolic Missions.

In 1998 after obtained certificate of completion from W.A.C.F.S. based in U.S.A Under the leadership of Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong, a national leaders conference was organized, where speakers from the United States of America came to minister to the body of Christ which consist of orthodox, Evangelicals Pentecostals, Chromatic etc. in Konongo A/A-Ghana.

But in the year when I came in contact with Bergendah family of Sweden-Europe and God showed unto me three times in revelations about the setting up of DEBRICH INTERNATIONAL MINITERS NET-WORKING, thus the commencement of this ministry. Which is a department of Governmental registered oil field ministries affiliated with legalised GCCI-Europe but non-denominational independent Christian leadership organization. 



"Moreover they that work in time flax, and they that weave NETWORK, shall be confounded (Isaiah 19:9 KJV)".

    According to the above SCRIPTURE, the weaves will have no time flax or cotton, for their Crops will

be fiasco. Cotton is very vital in the international economy, which is beneficial to humanity in the areas of thread and clothes making, purposely for covery, decorating and designing. That is equipping the body (physically).

To be confounded comes from the Hebrew word "Būsh". means to be ashamed, to be disapointed ,to keep waiting,to deceive, to  act shamefully,to disgrace etc.

  Būsh is the confusion,embarrassment when things do not turn out  as expected.This is the voice of  God against Networking that  does not based on the  ision of  Christ or God but centered on Egypt( As  type  of  the WORLD, MATERIAL THINGS ETC.)


Cotton came as a result of seed God deposited in the soil but why clothes? By the wisdom of God, one man discovered the need of clothes by using cotton as raw material. Now every place in the world clothes are been used. Typologically the seed is ordained or anointing or blessing; the soil is the human heart and the cotton (fruits) is the by product of the seed (blessing). Every fruit of the spirit of God is deposited in the Holy Spirit (Anointing / ordained / Blessing), But as soon as man focuses on the things more than God, the production of spiritual gifts cease. Therefore Networking is available to put the body of Christ to the Right path of God and not fiasco. Networking is the Complicated system of communication. Networking is the system by which lines, wires, thread, tubes are linked to each other. In the body of Christ the highest level of FIELD of God, which will result in maturity for the coming of Christ is networking. Networking in goodly sense must equip, build ,establish links, fruitfulness, approval etc, in Gods kingdom. Souls are perishing but the fastest way God can use you is NETWORKING. Together the work is accomplish.



As we CONNECT the unbelievers to Jesus Christ through the system of NETWORKING, thereby fulfilling the unfinished business for the Heavenly kingdom. Debrich International Ministers Networking have both spiritual and physical focus for those centralization and the antonomons mathodes of Administration Ministries within this eschatological age.



Our goal for the ministries leaders of the body of Christ is to focus on ONE TO ONE great commission that is completing the unfinished business than leaders computing. We have the goal to.

1. Affiliate with other ministers for their vision to be fulfilled in unknown countries.

2. Supply volunteer missionaries, Preachers, church planters etc. to needy ministries.

3. Commence Debrich University College of Networking DUCON

4. Set up conference center of Networking.

5. Reach the world with House of Networking.

6. To set up ministers Networking prayers sumitte which will pray against unwanted ministries and establish the right ones



Partnership have very important position and benefits in our ministry. Being part in this ministry DIMN will help design a life in you and your ministry but not just making a living. Our partnerships have nothing to do with your geographical location but rather we move, as we are directed by God through the board of directors in the organization.



1. Pray daily for our partners.

2. Send our partners ministry Strategies.

3. Offer periodic gifts such as teaching materials; books audio tapes etc.

4. Provide certificates such as Ordination, lincence, Power of Attorney Bond, Commission, certificates etc.

5. Help link you to other ministries Businesses both within and without your location of ministry ;Across the grobe.



1. Pray and seek the face of God for the ministries.

2. Support meetings in your area

3. Support us financially with your regular donation or monthly pledges (Phill. 4:17)

4. Introduce Debrich International Ministers Networking/Prayer Travailers/Yocof-J to others.

5. Send contributions and lift up to the founding president Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong and the Co-founder Barbara Piwnicka ( Acheampong) Poland-Europe. 


AT END OF                                  NO OF PERSONS TRAINED


Year  1   



Year  2



Year  3



Year  4



Year  5



Year  6



Year  7



Year  8



Year  9



Year  10



Year  11



Year  12



Year   13 



Year   14



Year  15



Year   16



Year   17



Year   18


262, 144

Year   19  



Year   20



Year   21



Year   22 



Year   23



Year   24 



Year   25



Year   26



Year   27



Year   28



Year   29



Year   30



Year   31



Year   32



Year   33




The above chart shows the strategic ways OFM is going to use to win the entile world /perishing souls for Christ. Paul told the young man of God Timothy to train others who will also take the work of the ministry and in so doing the Great Commission shall be fulfilled .

Every O.F.M. leader must put in mind that by the end of every year he / she must try as much as possible, with the help of God to train at least one worker who is capable of handle a new opened / establish church.

The Lord said unto Moses Gather unto me seventy men ? whom thou knowest to be the elders of the people, and officers over them ??. [ Num 11 : 16]

A lot of time and effort is wasted training those with no leadership gift . The Lords instruction was clear, ELDERS meaning LEADERS.

How can one recognize a leader? Observe how many followers . If no one is following, you do not have a leader.

Note: We have several leaders today,

  1. Those who are call by God as leaders.

  2. Those their gifts has make them leaders.

  3. Those who are leader of leaders.

  4. Those who are supportive/Associate leaders.

  5. Those who by education and years of experiences has make them leaders. 

  6. Those who are leaders by voting / choosen/appointed through men. 

All these levels of leaderships have what they can do or be use of God to do in the church.

Oil field ministries is raising a generation where every leader will bring unending result, fruitfulness, reproductively, prosperity, greatness, success etc.

And the Jews marveled , saying, How knoweth this MAN letters, having never learned?

(John 7 : 15 )

Academic achievement is not the goal in OFM but vision of EACH ONE TEACH ONE chart but rather acquiring the knowledge of the scriptures and the power of God. ( math 22 : 29).OFM, we believed in academic but the Rhema of thr logos is vital to us.

The academic credentials are very important but after some years of lay worker, the leader will be attending some short term courses for only six month while pastoring / leading. If necessary, they can be brought back for further training a year or two years or three years for other ministerial credentials in oil field university College of GCCI. Biblically based training yields biblical results.

If the chart principle is being used leaders of O.F.M. each one teaching one, at the end of thirty-three [33] years, more people in world will be saved and more leaders will be trained than even the population of the world as this constitution was made.

The Lord is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance (2 pet. 3:9). So leaders of OFM let us all work hard to make this principle operates. And God shall reward every leader of OFM on earth & in heaven. Every year the pastors who make good use of each one teach one shall receive award from their region / state .